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Duct Blaster Testing

RJ Energy Solutions LLC offers duct blaster testing for residential, commercial and industrial buildings throughout the North Dakota and Minnesota region.

Leaky ducts account for a sizable percentage of the energy wasted in most North American homes today. Because conditioned air escapes leaky ducts before it is delivered to the living area, your HVAC equipment is forced to work extra hard (costing you money) even as the building remains uncomfortable. Leaky ducts also create other problems such as poor indoor air quality and compromised building durability.

Our duct leakage testing services can determine exactly how much energy your home or building is losing through leaky ducts, and how much money you could save by sealing those ducts.

What is a Duct Blaster Test?

A duct blaster is a sophisticated piece of diagnostic equipment which connects to your home's duct system and measures the rate at which ducts leak air. The duct blaster looks much like a blower door (another piece of diagnostic equipment that measures air leakage in the building envelope) and is essentially a high-powered fan that connects to a computer, where our diagnostic software measures rates of air infiltration. Using the results of the duct blaster test, we can help you determine whether your home or building would benefit from a duct sealing upgrade, and to what extent.

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