Minimize Your Carbon Footprint at Your Home or Business

Complete Energy Performance Testing and Comfort Analysis

It's easy to learn how to improve your energy usage while enhancing comfort at home and in the workplace. RJ Energy Solutions LLC will provide you with a home energy assessment, which can be scheduled at your convenience.

Your assessment will evaluate your home's energy performance through the careful work of energy analysts who are certified by the Building Performance Institute or RESNET's Home Energy Rating System. Our analysts are equipped with the latest software and technology.

What You Can Expect From Your Assessment

You can expect a high attention to detail when our analysts visit your home. Your assessment will begin with a few basic questions about your home and includes a review of your energy bills.

From there, we'll perform key evaluations, starting with a "crawl through" inspection of the insulation in your attic, crawl space, and every other nook and cranny where energy could seep out of your space.

Next, an infrared camera will search for the hot and cold spots inside your walls, around the windows, and below any baseboards.

A blower door test will depressurize your home or office to find hidden air leaks, and a safety test will be executed on your heating and cooling equipment, including carbon monoxide levels and combustion appliance backdraft testing.

If you don't know how to make your home more energy efficient, we're here for you. Our assessment is essential in determining where your home's weak spots are, while also showing you what's already working!

After your assessment, we'll provide you with an on-site custom report for your property. We even research federal and state rebates and grants. Your energy adviser will also consult with you to provide guidance moving forward as you strive to save money on your bills and feel more comfortable.

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