At RJ Energy Solutions, our goal is to bring comfort, cost savings, sustainability, and energy efficiency to your building.

Our monitoring system allows us to forecast energy savings and alerts us via mobile before they escalate. We identify costly inefficiencies of commercial and residential buildings including air balancing, water leaks/temperature, coolers/refrigerators, HVAC, lighting, and even plumbing (anything that consumes energy). View energy stats in real-time via our dashboard from anywhere and receive emergency alerts to avoid costly repairs.

Voltage Straying

If livestock stop drinking water, it may be due to voltage straying. Our low voltage monitoring gives us a notification when this incident occurs.

Water Lines/Pumps

RJ Energy is alerted when the livestock can’t drink due to water freezing, when pumps fail to deliver water, or when a water line breaks.

Air Quality/Circulation

Change in termperature, humidity, or oxide/methanegas levels can cause health issues. We can determine ifa fan system or redirected airflow is needed.

Hazard Prevention

Our technology can be used to assess “hot spots” which in turn prevent deadly incidents like electrical fires.

What We Do

At RJ Energy Solutions, our goal is to provide solutions that bring comfort, cost savings, sustainability, and energy efficiency to your farm.

Proven Energy Savings

Improved Comfort and Increased Revenue

Advanced Warnings of Costly Breakdowns

Monitoring/Mobile Notification of an Actual Failure

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