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Indoor Air Quality

We measure a broad range of indoor air quality issues that are associated health effects. We monitor airflow, CO2 levels, air balance, and temperature control. We’re able to confine air in specific rooms to avoid clean air contamination.

Predictive Diagnostics

Our proprietary monitoring software shows real-time energy trends across all systems within commercial buildings. It detects issues and equipment failures before they escalate into bigger, more costly problems. 

Energy Saving Solutions

Solutions can include simple modifications that can result in long-term savings. Different parts of the country consume energy differently. We are experts in identifying the source of the problem. Our goal is efficiency.

Industries Served

Commercial Buildings

Convenience Stores

Event Centers

Farms & Agriculture



Higher Education


Local Government


Our Monitoring Technology

  • Monitoring system allows you to forecast energy savings and alerts you to fix problems right away before they escalate.
  • Can identify costly inefficiencies of commercial and residential buildings and the HVAC, lighting, plumbing and even manage CO2 levels. Anything that consumes energy.
  • Prevent unexpected repair and replacement costs.
  • Easily access dashboard from anywhere
  • Real-time emergency alerts 

About Us

Providing solutions that bring comfort, sustainability, and energy efficiency for building owners without interrupting operation, productivity or comfort. We provide services that improve the health, safety, comfort along with energy efficiencies of your commercial or residential facility. We combine experience with state of the art technology.

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“Russ is dedicated the right job, in the right way so that you can make the best decision. He is straight up, tells it like it is and will save you money or tell you he cannot. Trust is the face of RJ Energy.”

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