At Three Lyon’s Pub our team installed two UV sanitation equipment units in the ventilation system. The model installed was the AP500 Air Purification unit. One of the units is located in the entrance way and the other near the poker table. These units quickly kill any germs or virus that may be in the air. “This sterile air is almost better than being outdoors” Kenneth Strandberg. Installing these units is in effort to keep staff and employees safer while keeping business open during this time. Not only is this a good business practice for restaurants but is the ethical thing to be doing.  

About the AP500 Model

This model was designed with smaller spaces in mind. The AP500 is powerful and inconspicuous and has proven benefits of ActivePure ® Technology. It is a stand-alone unit compatible with spaces 500 sq ft or smaller. The AP500 utilizes a combination of ion generation and proprietary ActivePure ® Technology to effectively treat interior air and exposed surfaces. It also features an anti-theft mounting option, a removable and washable filter and a standard 120-volt outlet which allows for mounting over an existing wall outlet.

How it Works

With the combination of the ion generation and proprietary ActivePure® Technology, the unit reduces odors, visible smoke, and microbial populations on surfaces. This system also reduces any germs or viruses that could be in the air. The ActivePure® Technology consists of a special UV light and photocatalyst target, which creates several friendly oxidizers. ActivePure ® is the only Certified Space Technology that continuously protects and purifies the air, and attacks contaminants on all surfaces


Most importantly, AP500 Air Purification unit destroys up to 99% of all surface and airborne contaminants. In addition, the AP500 purifies air and reduces particles that can irritate allergies and asthma while also removing VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). It is a compact, natural air treatment system with no wiring required and is very low maintenance.To receive a quote on the AP500 or any of our air purification units,  visit https://www.rjenergysolutions.com/